Val Guins Forearm Dance Essentials & Original Massage 2 DVD Video Set

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Discover an invigorating, groundbreaking massage technique that combines efficient body mechanics with the use of only the Forearm and Olecranon as tools. Val Guins Forearm Dance is a NEW practitioner-friendly, instructional massage program that focuses on giving a full body circulatory massage combined with the depth and muscular separation found in deep tissue work. Throughout the DVD, Val demonstrates the importance of self-care for massage and bodywork practitioners, and she states, it is absolutely essential that we enter each day, each session, each moment, with openness, compassion, empathy and freedom for our clients and ourselves.

This instructional program offers a variety of techniques in easy-to-access DVD chapters, presented in a captivating coastal setting and accompanied by an inspiring musical score. Val designed the massage techniques in Forearm Dance to benefit therapists with varying degrees of experience in their own massage careers, regardless of their personal health status.

Practitioner benefits include saving your hands by using the forearm and olecranon (the bony prominence of the elbow) as your massage tools, supporting your health and well-being through the use of improved body mechanics, and opening your body and increasing your energy with Vals step-by-step, Spiral exercise.

Client benefits include customized techniques are individualized to meet client needs using the the forearm for broad superficial work and the olecranon for deep work, and continuity of strokes encourages client to de-stress, relax deeply and enjoy the healthy benefits of massage and bodywork.

'During my massage career of over two decades, I had to develop an effective way to sustain my clientele, teaching schedule, and my own health.' Val Guin

'On this beautiful DVD filmed by the ocean, she shows you how to use the concepts of yang action, yin support, elongation and self-awareness with a little Hawaiian hula so you put less strain on your body and work more deeply. She offers a class in forearm dance, showing step by step how to work both broadly and with specificity, how to hook and release a muscle using forearm and olecranon as your tools. She shows two complete sessions, one with explanation and one with music. And she leads a practice she calls the spiral, incorporating the horse pose, the lunge and hula hands, that raises chi and makes the forearm dance as invigorating for the practitioner as it is healing for the client. Guin is a spirited and inspiring teacher. She generously offers a portion of the proceeds to charity.' Lisa Mertz, PhD, LMT, MTJ Magazine, Summer 2007


Learn the Essentials of the Forearm Dance from the creator of the successful Forearm Dance Massage Series, Val Guin. Based on the popularity of her seminar, Forearm Dance I Essentials, Val produced this DVD so that you can learn her foundation techniques, and continue to use these skills in her 2nd video, The Forearm Dance. If you already have that DVD, this will continue to fill in the gaps with regards to how to use your body more effectively when performing those techniques. Give an effective, satisfying massage with the depth your clients are looking for, all through the use of the Forearm as your tool. Val's mission: Create A Stronger Practice, Create A Stronger Life! Enjoy The Dance!

In this DVD, you'll see both men and women working on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. She teaches Foundation Exercises, which includes: Neutral Shoulder, Neutral Neck, Retractions, The Use of scarf for isometrics, Adductor Activations, and many more, all which will increase strength and prevent injury. The exercises are designed to be simple yet dynamic and easily applied to your own life. The Basics include: Proper body mechanics, stance, strokes and techniques giving the practitioner a foundation to use the Forearm as your only tool. Learn draping, spa suggestions and self-care. Client and Student Demos include: Val demonstrating and explaining her technique on a client, and also instructing alongside a student, offering hands-on and verbal guidance. In the recap, Val performs her Forearm Dance I Essentials program with music.

Are you just beginning in your career or have you been working for decades? Whether youre building a new practice or trying to break bad habits, you can use my Forearm Dance® Massage techniques to strengthen your foundation. Do you think posture is secondary? To me its essential, its primary. Good posture and body mechanics along with the appropriate use of tools helps us last and stay energized - both in the massage business and in life. The more you integrate Forearm Dance into your work, the younger youll feel. Whether youre a practitioner in your 20s or your 60s you can still do Forearm Dance! - Val


'After just one year of being a full time massage therapist at a spa, I began feeling tendonitis in my forearms, tightness in my shoulders, and soar thumbs. I knew I had a gift and wanted to help others but I couldnt continue hurting my own body. With my Forearm Dance skills, I confidently know that I can be with and help clients from the most sensitive fascia, to the most dense and tight fascia, without sacrificing my own body. Forearm Dance is absolutely brilliant! Its rare to find a teacher with such incredible skill, wisdom, and a presence who is willing and wanting to share this with other practitioners.' - Nami, Spa and Private Practice Massage Therapist

'Spa and Private Practice Massage Therapist When faced with the reality of seeing 20 or more clients per week, I found myself with sore hands, tight forearms, and ultimately a shoulder injury. Working with Val and integrating the Forearm Dance into every session I give has allowed me not only to overcome my injuries, but also to find greater openness and freedom in my body as a whole. With each Forearm Dance class I take or assist, I add new layers to my understanding and knowledge. Where I once sacrificed my own wellbeing to give a client the desired pressure, I now have the tools to effectively satisfy my clients while actually improving my own wellbeing. Val has taught me to use my entire body, from feet, through pelvis and up and out through my chest and arms, to lift and open the stagnant tissue in my clients, instead of smashing it downwards, creating a virtuous circle of energy and release.' - Debra, Massage Therapist Sports Club LA

'As a therapist, my body thanks you! I was amazed at how much energy I had. The energy generating techniques that Val taught us and the nature of the Forearm Dance itself, is tremendous in allowing a massage therapist to work far and beyond the usual limitations. I think that this technique will be invaluable to body workers and extremely efficacious to clients!' - Milly, Spa and Private Practice Massage Therapist

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