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65 Techniques.
Nerve Gliding & Stretching.
Nerves covered - Sciatic, Tibial, Peroneal, Sural.
12 Home Care Exercises For The Client To Do On Their Own.
21 Detailed Assessments Including Nerve Tension Tests.
32+ Release Techniques For The Involved Structures.
Myofascial, Lymphatic & Muscle Release Techniques.
Streaming Version Available (see below).

Taught by Doug Alexander - founder of The Journal of Soft Tissue Manipulation

Format DVD - Region: 0, Worldwide. Run Time: 4 Hours.

This 4-hour DVD covers 21 assessment techniques for the nerves and surrounding structures of the back, pelvis, and legs. The advanced nerve tension tests will allow the therapist to precisely evaluate the sciatic, tibial, peroneal, and sural nerves to discover exactly where they are impinged. Then Doug Alexander, founder of The Journal of Soft Tissue Manipulation and an instructor at Algonquin College in Canada, will lead you through over 32 techniques to release the structures involved. These include myofascial release techniques, fluid (lymphatic) techniques, and muscle release techniques as well as direct nerve gliding and stretching.

Each technique is designed to free restrictions along the path of the nerve and normalize tissue function from the hip to the foot. Finally Doug shows 12 home care exercises that the client can do to help support their recovery.

REVIEW in the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Journal:

“It is one of the best bodywork DVDs I have had the pleasure of watching. The 3D still and animated anatomy graphics are simply awesome and it is jam packed with over 4 hours of assessment and treatment techniques covering the lower back, hip and pelvis and the sciatic nerve along its entire course. At 4 hours of high quality video instructlon, this represents extremely good value for money.”

Doug Alexander, BSc, RMT, has been studying and practicing massage therapy for over 20 years. He is the founder of The Journal of Soft Tissue Manipulation and has published over 30 papers in the massage literature. Doug brings a solid academic, kinesthetic and heart centered focus to the study of Massage Therapy. He currently is a massage instructor at Algonquin College in Canada.


1. Lower Body Intro - This is the introduction to the lower body. This lesson discusses the basics of nerve mobilization, and how to evaluate if the client is acute, subacute or chronic, and how to adjust to each situation. He also shows the basic location of the sciatic nerve and its branches. Then discusses common cautions.

2. Lower Body Anatomy - This lesson gives detailed information of the location and path of the sciatic nerve and various branches down to the foot.

3. Lower Body Acute - This lesson demonstrates how to evaluate the sciatic nerve during an acute injury (within 4 days of injury). It is also considered acute when the person is in a lot of pain. Doug also shows the postural alignment, quadrant test, anterior shear test, Spinal spring test, posterior inferior SI shear test, and other muscular tests. Then Doug demonstrates the nerve tension tests. Finally Doug shows bodywork techniques to free the nerve along it’s path all the way down the leg. Finally he offers exercises for the client to restore proper muscular and nerve function.

4. Lower Body Sub Acute - This lesson demonstrates how to work with someone in the sub-acute stage (5 days to 2 weeks). Doug discusses in detail the anatomy of healing at this phase. He shows direct palpation of the nerve and techniques to free it along it’s path down the leg. Over 20 techniques are shown. All the branches off the nerve are shown.

5 . Lower Body Chronic - In the final lesson on the leg, Doug shows more information on someone with chronic low back pain and the appropriate techniques and evaluations for someone at this stage of healing.

Streaming Video

If you would like to watch this video online, we have partnered with Real Bodywork to offer a streaming version of this title, which comes as a 2 video set - you get Nerve Mobilization - Upper & Lower Body for a bigger discount. Please click here:

Real Bodywork Nerve Mobilization - Upper & Lower Body Streaming Video

A new window will open, and you will be taken to the Real Bodywork site via a secure link, where the video is hosted. Payment will be requested there as well.

About Real Bodywork

Sean Riehl, who founded Real Bodywork over 20 years ago, has taught massage nationally, presented at the AMTA California conference, written multiple articles appearing in Massage Magazine and the Biotone Newsletter, as well as being the author of a number of videos on massage.

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