Yoga Undressed The Collection - Naked Yoga 4 Video DVD Set

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The Beginner Practice. Your Body is a Temple, Come Inside and Pay Homage ...

Surrender to your natural, authentic being. Return to innocence, a sanctuary for your spirit where you can cultivate strength, grace, intimacy and reverence for your own sacred self. A flowing tantric vinyasa yoga practice combining an introduction to kundalini and the essentials of vinyasa hatha yoga, this Beginner DVD will remind you of your joyful, unfettered spirit, as you move from grounding kundalini exercises to sun salutations, warrior poses, standing balances, backbends and twists.

Strengthen and tone every part of your body, increase flexibility and balance and find peace of mind. Feel more empowered, energized, and beautiful with every new asana you learn, all done with a heightened sense of awareness, in your most essential, pure, and natural state, radiant and at one with yourself. Experience the innate power and grace of your life force and your natural beauty, unadorned and perfect because of it-- your inherent freedom and essential aliveness that yoga serves to liberate.

The Intermediate Practice. Awaken Your Spirit, Embrace Your Sacred Self ...

Once again we invite you to join us, to get undressed and embrace your universal oneness, your sacred sexuality, your true nature.

Welcome to the Intermediate practice of Yoga Undressed, the sheltering playground where you will uncover your original self, the joyful, unguarded, bold spirit you truly are. Awaken your spirit and hone your skill in this flowing, sensual intermediate level, Tantric Kundalini Vinyasa practice. This program will challenge you, while offering you the opportunity to refine the exercises and asanas you already know. You have learned how to activate your kundalini shakti, in the beginner level, and now, we will deepen our practice, taking the warm up series to a whole new level, where you can truly begin to tap into your divine and infinite potential.

Become even more proficient in your ability to channel sexual energy up through the spine, befriending the kundalini snake inside you, awakening your powerful warrior goddess spirit and then move this new life-giving energy blissfully through every part of your body during the more expansive, flowing vinyasa yoga practice that follows. Move through asanas that integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility, increasing your mental strength and stamina. Experience more challenging postures and breathing techniques, as well as balancing poses and backbends that will require your patience and determination.

The Advanced Practice. Surrender to Shakti, Discover Your True Nature ...

Welcome to the Advanced Practice of Yoga Undressed. Enter our sanctuary, and together we will journey to a place beyond exercise, to that timeless space at the core of your being----to your inner landscape, where the poetry and power of your soul meets your physical body, where you can reach out and touch the beating heart of the world.

Awaken your spirit and unleash the fullness of your infinite potential in this advanced level, Tantric Kundalini Vinyasa practice. Reach new heights of power, precision, insight and ease. Be inspired, challenged and transformed! Start with a grounding, challenging kundalini warm-up to awaken and refine your sexual Kundalini shakti energy, and cultivate powerful prana, channeling it up through your spine and and into your body and mind, setting your spirit free! Flow through an awe-inspiring vinyasa segment, including standing balance sequences: backbends, arm-balancing and twisting asanas that integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility.

Experience a radiant transformation. Build long-lasting health benefits, muscular endurance and focus. Develop inner peace and outer strength, as you will cultivate steadiness of mind with whatever is happening in the moment. This advanced practice is guaranteed to inspire you to go beyond what you know - to push the envelope and ask more of yourself so that you will continue to grow and evolve, long after the practice is over.

The Duet. Unite with Another, Commune with the Divine ...

Uniting in asana with a friend, lover or someone you have just met deepens our understanding of yoga and our awareness of others. Yoga is a form of bonding with the self and the world, and yoga with a partner, breathing together, feeling, guiding and supporting one another is a creative and playful journey that connects us to one another in the present moment. In this practice, not only do we connect to ourselves and one another, but we deepen our innermost awareness of ourselves, and cultivate the greatest intimacy and reverence for our bodies and ourselves as sensual, whole beings, finding the most divine reverence for our innocent and highest sensual selves. Connect to the sacred energy of transformation with another.

Explore this beautiful union of vinyasa yoga and erotic art where your body becomes the canvas. Enjoy this beautifully choreographed partnering sequence that will both inspire and delight you ...

This DVD is a perfect promotional loop for yoga studios who want to demonstrate the beauty, style and grace of yoga, undressed.

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