Side Lying Therapeutic Massage Video on DVD - Ralph Stephens

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Learn To Work With Clients In The Side Lying Position.
Warm-up, Examination, Treatment And Closure Techniques For The Entire Body, From Ankle To Occiput. Includes:

Body Mechanics
Techniques for
Ankle Injuries
Shin Splints
Knee Injuries
Groin Pulls
Sciatic Pain
Hip Pain
Low Back Conditions
Shoulder Problems
Neck Pain
Taught by Ralph Stephens
Run Time: 1 Hour 27 minutes. Format: DVD, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide.

Ralph Stephens' Side Lying Medical Massage DVD, provides a 1.5 Hour training program for massage therapists to be able to work with clients when they are in the side-lying position. Covered are warm-up, examination, treatment and closure techniques for the entire body, from ankle to occiput. This includes draping, bolstering, and body mechanics, as well as techniques for ankle injuries, shin splints, knee injuries, groin pulls, sciatic pain, hip pain, low back conditions, shoulder problems, neck pain, and headaches. This DVD title is part of the 5 DVD Medical Massage Series from Ralph Stephens Seminars.

About Ralph Stephens

Mr. Stephens is an internationally recognized instructor of medical massage that shares his 20 plus years of experience in a way that makes learning easy and fun, and is one of the few hands-on instructors that come across effectively on video. He has produced 15 videos, one textbook, and has contributed to many magazines, textbooks, and journals, and is a popular presenter at state, regional and national meetings; presenting over 30 weekends each year.

Ralph was the first to adapt specific massage and stretching techniques to the chair and presents them in his videos, Seated Therapeutic Massage and his textbook, Therapeutic Chair Massage. He has served his profession as a state and national officer of the AMTA and as chair of the Iowa Board of Massage Therapy Examiners. Don’t miss an opportunity to study with this inspiring instructor, in person or by DVD.

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