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3 Principles of Polarity Therapy
The Feminine
The Masculine
Etheric principles.
Learn How To Evaluate Each Principle In Your Client.
Learn How To Balance Your Client Using
5 Pointed Star
6 Pointed Star
Polarity Joint Session.
Many Conditions Covered, Including
Gynecological Issues
Back, Neck And Hip Pain
Exercises Your Clients Can Perform Themselves.

3 Currents Of Energy.
5 Elements Of Polarity Therapy.
How They Relate To Your Client’s Emotional State.
13 Individual Sessions To Learn How To Balance Your Client’s Specific Needs.
How To Determine If Your Client’s Energy Is Blocked.

Format DVD - Region: 0, Worldwide. Run Time: 2 Hours 1 Minute.

Explore the three principles of Polarity Therapy - The Feminine, Masculine and Etheric principles.

Mary Sullivan, a Polarity instructor with over 25 years experience, will show you how to evaluate each principle in your client, and then how to balance your client using the 5 pointed star, 6 pointed star and the Polarity joint session.

Many conditions are covered, including arthritis, stress, gynecological issues as well as back, neck and hip pain. Mary also shows exercises that your clients can perform themselves. This DVD is informative, a pleasure to view, and a great way to learn about Polarity Therapy.

In this beautiful DVD, you will learn the principles of Polarity Therapy. This includes how to evaluate the five elements and how they relate to a clients emotional, mental and physical state. Next you will learn about the 3 currents of energy, and how to tell if your clients energy flow is blocked. Finally you will be led through 13 individual sessions to balance your clients specific needs.
Your instructor, Mary Sullivan, a Polarity Therapist for over 25 years, will show you everything you need to know to apply these techniques to your practice today.

Mary Sullivan has been living and practicing Polarity Therapy for more than 25 years. She is a licensed acupuncturist, cranial practitioner, and teaches classes in Polarity Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Women's Cycles. She maintains a private practice in Santa Barbara, California. She is the author of the DVD's Polarity Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Polarity Therapy is truly a combination of West and East bodywork, Indian Aryuveda, Middle Eastern Cabalistic teachings, Chinese Meridian System, and Western Chiropractic. Polarity refers to the use of energy in order to balance the positive and negative electromagnetic current in the body. Originated from Dr. Randolph Stone, an American chiropractor who spend years in India as a physician and Yogi. Dr. Stone developed Polarity which combined Western chiropractic with Eastern understanding of energy pathways in the body. Polarity therapy includes massage, breathing, movement, and pressure-point stimulation. It can be used to realign posture, release muscle tension, and emotional problems.


Introduction To The 5 Elements - This lesson introduces the basic polarity principles or water, air, fire, earth and ether. Mary shows how to do an evaluation for dysfunction in each of these principles, and as a therapist, how to choose which element to work with. This includes pulse diagnosis, feeling the pulse in the neck and at the feet. If they are imbalanced side to side, or between the neck and feet, this gives you a clear indication of what sequence to perform.

The Fire Element Sequence - The fire element relates to the head, solar plexus and thighs. This lesson shows three routines to balance this element based on the pulse diagnosis.

The Earth Element Sequence - The earth element corresponds to the neck(positive), bowls(neutral) and knees(negative). This lesson shows 3 sequences based on the pulse diagnosis and earth element.

The Water Element Sequence - Three sequences for water element imbalances. This features rajas, tamasic and satvic (energizing, penetrating, light) styles of bodywork depending on the pulse evaluation. The water element is related to the chest (positive pole), genitals (neutral pole) and feet (negative pole).

The Air Element Sequence - This lesson shows 3 technique sequences based on the the air element. The focus here is shoulders, ankles and kidney area as the positive, negative and neutral poles of the sequence. The variations in the touch relate to wha you found during the pulse diagnosis.

The Etheric Principle Sequence - The etheric principle relates to the entire body, Mary shows how to perform a full body sequence, starting with working with each of the toes (each of the elements) first. The full body sequence is light touch energy work holds on each of the chakras.

Introduction To The 3 Principles - This is an introduction to 3 polarity sequences, including the five pointed star, 6 pointed star, and the joint session. This is looked at through the lens of the masculine, feminine and etheric principles.

The Masculine Principle Sequence - When the evaluation calls for working the masculine principle, or the client has back pain, sciatica, piriformis, scoliosis, bulging disks, spinal pain, anger, or powerlessness. This lesson shows the 6 pointed star technique.

The Feminine Principle Sequence - The feminine principle technique sequence. Includes techniques for for gynecological issues, breathing issues, breast, chest issues, throat issues, as well as psoas tension. The emotional indicators for this session are grief and sadness.

The Etheric Principle Sequence - This lesson shows how to work on the etheric principle. Use this principle if the client has head problems such as migraines, epilepsy, brain tumors, endocrine imbalances, or joint pain such as arthritis, bursitis or osteoporosis. This technique is a light touch energy work to the joints.


If you would like to watch this video set online, we have partnered with Real Bodywork to offer a streaming version of both Polarity Therapy titles together as 1. Please click here:

Polarity Therapy 2 Video Streaming Set

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Sean Riehl, who founded Real Bodywork over 20 years ago, has taught massage nationally, presented at the AMTA California conference, written multiple articles appearing in Massage Magazine and the Biotone Newsletter, as well as being the author of a number of videos on massage.

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