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Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold. This beautifully filmed DVD features over 3 hours of instruction and over 170 detailed techniques. Each technique is clearly demonstrated showing proper alignment, positioning and proper body mechanics so that pressure can be applied effectively and effortlessly.

The sequences are divided into prone, supine, sidelying and seated. In each sequence you will learn to use your hands, forearms, knees, legs, and feet to bring the receiver into a deep state of relaxation. This DVD includes traditional Thai stretches, work on the Sen energy lines plus abdominal massage. Mastering Thai Massage is one of the most comprehensive programs available!

Many additional strategies are also covered, such as working off the massage table in seated and standing postures and suggestions for rehabilitative home programs of strengthening and stretching for your clients.


1. Introduction - This lesson includes the history of thai massage, the various positions of the receiver, and the correct positioning of the giver. General principles are discussed.

2. Prone Sequence - This lesson shows how to apply thai massage techniques to the posterior body. This includes detailed foot, leg and back work. The technique focus both on the meridians (bladder meridian) and working the muscles.

3. Supine Lower Body Sequence - This lesson includes thai massage techniques with the client face-up. This includes work on the anterior thigh and belly, and well as the hamstrings and adductor muscles. The focus is both on the muscles and the sen lines (meridian lines).

4. Supine Upper Body - This lesson focuses on the belly, arms, chest and neck. At each point, Rick gives specific instructions and demonstrates the techniques. The focus is both on the sen lines and the muscles.

5. Side Posture Sequence - This lesson demonstrates thai massage in side posture. Many practitioners have difficulty in side posture, but it is an incredibly efficient way to work. Rick demonstrates working on the legs, torso and arms. Almost all the body can be covered with the client on their side, and it is very relaxing for the client. This position is also useful for pregnant women who cant lay face-up.

6. Seated Sequence - The seated sequence mainly focuses on working and stretching the clients torso, with some neck work. It is a useful position to stretch the client and is sometimes used at the end of the session to help the client transition to the session completion.


If you would like to watch this video online, we have partnered with Real Bodywork to offer a streaming version. Please click here:

Mastering Thai Massage Video

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About Real Bodywork

Sean Riehl, who founded Real Bodywork over 20 years ago, has taught massage nationally, presented at the AMTA California conference, written multiple articles appearing in Massage Magazine and the Biotone Newsletter, as well as being the author of a number of videos on massage.

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