Yoga Undressed The Intermediate Practice - Naked Yoga Video on DVD

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The Intermediate Practice. Awaken your spirit. Embrace Your Sacred Self ...

Once again we invite you to join us, to get undressed and embrace your universal oneness, your sacred sexuality, your true nature.

Welcome to the Intermediate practice of Yoga Undressed, the sheltering playground where you will uncover your original self, the joyful, unguarded, bold spirit you truly are. Awaken your spirit and hone your skill in this flowing, sensual intermediate level, Tantric Kundalini Vinyasa practice. This program will challenge you, while offering you the opportunity to refine the exercises and asanas you already know. You have learned how to activate your kundalini shakti, in the beginner level, and now, we will deepen our practice, taking the warm up series to a whole new level, where you can truly begin to tap into your divine and infinite potential.

Become even more proficient in your ability to channel sexual energy up through the spine, befriending the kundalini snake inside you, awakening your powerful warrior goddess spirit and then move this new life-giving energy blissfully through every part of your body during the more expansive, flowing vinyasa yoga practice that follows. Move through asanas that integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility, increasing your mental strength and stamina. Experience more challenging postures and breathing techniques, as well as balancing poses and backbends that will require your patience and determination.

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