The Integral Anatomy Series DVD - Volume 2 Deep Fascia & Muscle

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Integral Anatomy Series DVD - Dissection of the Deep Fascia and Muscle

In this volume the whole body continuities of deep fascia and muscle are demonstrated in detail and dissected on camera to demonstrate their relationships to underlying and overlying structures. Following through with themes initiated in the first volume, visual presentations and discussions of the practical implications for professional practice of the layer by layer demonstration of human form are carried deeper into the body. The first volume creates the material and visual context for understanding the layers explored in this volume.

A comprehensive understanding of these deeper layers requires a thorough understanding of the more superficial ones. All are strongly encouraged to engage the material in Vol. 1 to achieve a full appreciation and understanding of Vol. 2. The material found on these disks is unique, cannot be found in books, and represents a leap beyond established regional perspectives.

Format DVD
Length 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Integral Anatomy Series Overview

Each volume of this series presents the anatomy of human form, layer by layer, from an integral, whole body perspective. The DVDs in this series systematically document tissues and dissection perspectives missing from the established anatomical texts and videos. Skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, muscle, visceral wrappings and viscera are dissected and demonsrated on camera as whole body layers in a series of truly unique and revealing sequences available nowhere else. In these DVDs, the viewer is brought directly into the laboratory as a first-hand eye-witness to the dissection and discovery process.

Because regional anatomy moves through the multiple layers of one region without ever exploring each layer across all regions simultaneously, the vision of the whole is lost, along with the advantages of comprehending the "big picture." Integral anatomy, with its whole body, layer by layer approach, stresses anatomical continuities and relationships previously overlooked or underdescribed in regional presentations. Integral anatomy is complementary to the essential and important study of regional anatomy. Both are needed and valuable, like different lenses in a professional camera bag, each capable of demonstrating a different perspective.

The visual proof and profoundly practical implications of this new approach can now be applied by professionals across a broad range of modalities. This series leads the viewer well beyond the boundaries of medical school anatomy and texts. The series is a must-have for any medical, allied or alternative health professional or student who wants their patient evaluations and treatments to be based upon a truly comprehensive knowledge of the human body.

About Gil Hedley

Gil has spent a large chunk of this life in formal school situations, studying religion and ethics. He went to Duke as an undergrad, and then to the Divinity School of the University of Chicago for an MA in the study of religion and a Ph.D. in Ethics. While in Chicago, he studied Tai Chi, which, among many other things, helped him to develop a deeper understanding of the human form.

With the path of body exploration opened, Gil went to the Rolf Institute and trained in massage, and was certified as a Rolfer in 1993. Then he and his wife spent 4 years studying whole person healing and psychodynamics at the IM School of Healing Arts. During that time, he began teaching anatomy at the healing school, and teaching anatomy in the dissection lab as well. Thats where the Six-Day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshop first took form, the core curriculum of Somanautics Workshops, Inc, which Gil founded to administer that program.

After ten years developing and teaching that course in many cities nationwide and abroad, Gil has undertaken the enormous project of putting his approach and message down in a video format: The Integral Anatomy Series is now itself coming into form. Gil's sincere wish is that you find it a contribution to your own process of self-exploration, education and discovery.

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