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Best of Nature's 100% pure Olive Oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer. It helps restore smoothness and may help protect skin from premature aging. Great as eye makeup remover, as well as for nail and cuticle care, it is a good skin cell regenerator. 

Olive Body Oil attracts external moisture to the skin and still permits the skin to properly release sweat, shed dead skin and release sebum. It is good oil for inclusion in massage oil formulations to help sooth the inflamed skin.

The olives are cold pressed in order to extract the oil. Olive Oil is high in oleic acid and is a good skin cell regenerator. This thick green oil is a Pomace B grade traditionally included within soap, cream, balm, body butter, herbal infusion, hair care formulations, and blending of massage oils. You can expect a shelf life of about two years for Olive Oil.

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K, as well as common fatty acids such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, squalene and terpenes, which act as emollients. Emollients act as a natural conditioner, while the vitamin E fights off the free-radical damage from sunlight and pollution.

Olive oil has been used by Mediterranean cultures for thousands of years for its health and beauty benefits. While it is well known for its uses in cooking and making salads, many don't know that olive oil is also a common base in homemade massage treatments. You can combine it with many types of essential oils to create an inexpensive, healing and aromatic massage oil. Massage therapists have found olive oil to be a positive asset to their practice. 

To use as a carrier oil, add 1 3 drops of essential oil of each teaspoon of Olive Oil to create your own aroma therapeutic experience.

Skin Benefits: Antioxidant, Vitamins, Antibacterial, Moisturizer, After Sun Treatment, Eye Makeup Remover, Wrinkle Treatment, Scar Oil.

Hair Benefits: Less Dandruff, Prevent Split Ends, Strengthen Shafts, Increase Shine, Softens.


Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil.


All oil products, regardless of brand, are potentially combustible. Use caution when drying or storing linens exposed to oils.

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