Earthlite Zenvi Massage Table & Chair Headrest - Rechargeable Face Cradle Sound Cushion
Earthlite Zenvi Massage Table & Chair Headrest - Rechargeable Face Cradle Sound Cushion

Earthlite Zenvi Massage Table & Chair Headrest - Rechargeable Face Cradle Sound Cushion

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Manufacturer: Earthlite
Part #: EL-Zenvi

Black, Soft, Padded
Patented SurfaceSound Technology
Portable, Lightweight, Easy To Use
Eliminate The Need For Costly Or Cumbersome Sound Systems
Connects To iPods, Phones, Other Portable MP3 Players Via 3.5mm Mini Jack
Crescent Headrest, Natursoft Upholstery, 4” Multi Density Cushioning System
Fits Easily On Most Face Cradle And Headrest Platforms
Rechargeable Battery Pack Lasts Up To 12 Hours
CE Mark, 1 Year Warranty

Created in collaboration with NXT, Zenvi seamlessly combines the soothing effects of crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound vibrations with your customized spa or massage treatments, elevating therapies to unprecedented levels of relaxation, renewal, invigoration — all catered to the individual expectations of each unique user.

How Zenvi works: Beautiful on the outside, Zenvi’s interior innovation is equally impressive. Featuring NXT’s patented SurfaceSound™ technology, the Zenvi connects to iPods, phones and other portable MP3 players, eliminating the need for costly or cumbersome in-house sound systems and accessories. The lightweight system is simple-to-use and easily stores within most portable table systems.

Hi-Fidelity Sound Cushion - Available in NS Black upholstery.

Standard Features: Patented NXT SurfaceSound™ technology enables delivery of high fidelity total sound immersion through gentle vibrations within a soft-padded headrest cushion designed to enhance any spa or massage treatment.

Concealed yet easy access to music and power source. Connects to virtually any portable audio device that has a stereo 3.5mm mini-jack including iPods, phones and other portable MP3 players.

Convenient, integrated, eco-friendly rechargeable battery pack supplies up to 12-hours of playback time ensuring trouble free use during a busy treatment schedule.

Professional grade crescent headrest cushion wrapped in soft yet durable Natursoft™ upholstery incorporates 4” multi-density cushioning system provides unparalleled support and comfort.

Fits easily on most facecradle and headrest platforms. Compact and easily transported or stored in most portable massage tables.

CE Mark, 1 Year Limited Warranty.

The skilled craftsmen at EarthLite have been perfecting the production of long-lasting professional massage tables for over three decades by coming up with innovative designs (i.e. their 10 layer laminate hoop design for strong / round corners), using quality hardwoods that are farmed and from renewable wood sources (maple hardwood and russian birch – no rainforest hardwoods or old growth forests) , and time tested manufacturing techniques (squeak proof, solid corner blocks, precision-fit legs, reinforcing ribs, etc). The use of the highest quality materials, the detailed design and careful construction of Earthlite products separate us from their competition.

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