Best of Nature Dry Scalp Remedy All Natural Botanical Oil - 2oz
Best of Nature Dry Scalp Remedy All Natural Botanical Oil - 2oz

Best of Nature Dry Scalp Remedy All Natural Botanical Oil - 2oz

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Manufacturer: Best of Nature
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100% Natural.
Targets Dry Scalp.
Promotes Healthy Hair Growth.
Avocado, Coconut, Jojoba, Neem, Tea Tree Oils.
No Alcohol, Chemicals Added.
Bottle With Pump Top.
Made In The USA.
2 Ounces.
Best of Nature's Dry Scalp Remedy is a blend of natural botanical oils formulated to relieve and heal dry, itchy scalp, dandruff and the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It gives you silky, shiny, stronger hair and encourages healthy growth. It also aids in exfoliating dry skin cells, revealing a new, healthy and supple scalp.

Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima) is cold pressed and refined for stable shelf life. It's highly therapeutic, and has been used in African skin treatments for centuries due to it being rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 (Panthothenic acid), Vitamin D, E, minerals, protein, lecithin and fatty acids. It is a useful, penetrating nutrient, and said to have healing and regenerating qualities.

Coconut Oil powerfully nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair. It absorbs readily, acts as a protective barrier for the skin and will not clog pores. It also soothes itchy skin from psoriasis or eczema.

The coconut grows plentifully in many tropical regions around the world, including South America, Central America, Africa, India, Polynesia, and Asia. This versatile plant has been used throughout history to treat wounds, heal illnesses, and creates beauty products. In fact, uses coconut oil in Ayurvedic medicine dates back to as early as 1500 BCE.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) is used by people who are balding because it encourages hair regrowth. Because jojoba is an emollient, it soothes the skin and unclogs hair follicles. Many people know jojoba oil to be a carrier oil for essential oil uses, such as making skin and hair products, but it’s actually an effective skin moisturizer and healer on its own.

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Neem, also known as Indian lilac, Azadirachta Indica, or ‘Neemba’ in Sanskrit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, with traditional remedies dating back at least 5000 years. With 100+ biologically active compounds, and its unique ability to treat a whole range of health issues, the neem tree, botanically classified as Azadirachta Indica truly lives up to its name - The Tree of Life.

Extracted from the seeds of the neem tree, neem oil is nature's gift to mankind. Some of the top ingredients found in neem oil include vitamin E, nimbidin & nimbin compounds, carotenoids, linoleic acid, oleic acid, vitamin C, quercetin and the main compound azadirachtin, which is one of nature's most powerful insect repellents. These natural ingredients make neem oil a potent antifungal, antipyretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Neem is believed to prevent hair loss, ward off dandruff and itchy scalp, control frizzy hair and split ends, moisturize skin, 

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), native to Australia, is often used to support hair growth, help unclog hair follicles, and nourish your roots. Like other essential oils, tea tree oil has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, with the aboriginal peopleusing it to clean wounds and treat infections. These qualities help it fight the cause and effects of dandruff and psoriasis.


100% Natural Jojoba Seed (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil, Avocado (Persea gratissima) Oil, Fractionated Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil, Neem (Azadirachtin indica) Oil, Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Oil, Vitamin E (Tocopherol).
Best of Nature continually strives to bring you the Best that Nature has to offer, at affordable prices. They craft their recipes carefully, with simple, pure, natural ingredients that have names you recognize. Their products are never tested on animals and contain no chemicals. 

'We’re here to offer you and your family the very best. Each item is effective, safe to use and created with you in mind. After all, we use these products, too, and only produce something that our own family members would want to use! Since 1990, we have manufactured our own products in New Jersey. We procure our raw materials from local sources as well as from around the globe in order to deliver the greatest variety of the very best natural ingredients. We have a passion for what we do and are continually adding new products. We hope you love these products as much as we do! If you have a suggestion, please let us know – we love to hear from you! Sustainability At Best of Nature, we truly care about the environment and how our products affect the earth. We only work with and source from companies who have this same philosophy – treat the environment, workers and community with the same care and respect they need and deserve, and together, we can make this world a better and healthier place.'

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