Best of Nature 100% Pure Rhassoul Moroccan Lava Clay - 12oz

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12 oz Jar

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Size: 12 oz Jar

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Rhassoul is a truly exquisite, revitalizing spa quality clay unearthed from ancient deposits within the fertile Atlas Mountains of Eastern Morocco. It has a silk-like feel, and can help nourish skin, even out skin tone, increase elasticity, and reduce blemishes / breakouts / blackheads, which is why many people use it daily as a natural soap and shampoo. There have been many studies and tests done to confirm the benefits of this amazing Moroccan Lava Clay.

It is very useful on oily, sensitive and tired skin, with its detoxifying properties helping to improve skin clarity, remove dead cell layers, and smooth texture for a younger look. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Due to its (very) high levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium, Rhassoul has anti-aging properties that tighten pores, and at the same time clean, heal, soften and revitalize your skin for an all day, youthful glow. Appropriate for all skin types, especially sensitive or mature, Moroccan Lava Clay can also be used as a deep conditioning, hydrating hair mask to improve texture, shine, control, and have soft, lustrous, manageable hair.

Rhassoul is used in many spa and bath soaks primarily because of the clays detoxifying properties. Simply add water to make a fresh mask for face, hair or body. A little goes a long way, and each jar yields many treatments. Measuring Scoop included. Not tested on animals.


Mix one tablespoon (scoopful) of clay with a tablespoon of water to make a smooth paste. If mixture is too thin, add more clay, if too thick, add more water. Apply a medium layer to the face and upper part of the neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on to dry to allow full absorption of Atlas Mountain Minerals and extraction of any impurities. Remove the mask first by gently rubbing in a circular motion with water for an overall exfoliation. Wash off any excess mud mask with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. If desired, apply a small amount of Best of Nature Rose Water or Vitamin E Oil to finish off the treatment.


Rhassoul can be combined with other ingredients to make an exfoliating and smoothing scrub. Mix 1 Tablespoon Rhassoul clay with 1 Tablespoon ground oatmeal and apple cider vinegar to form a paste. As a bonus, it can be massaged into the face to exfoliate for 1-2 minutes and then left for another 5 minutes to dry before washing off. This will offer the benefits of a mask and an exfoliation in one step.


To naturally clean, condition, volumize and bring out the shine in hair. Mix a small amount of Rhassoul Clay (amount depends upon length of hair try 4 scoops of clay for medium length hair) with warm water to make a smooth mud. If desired, add a tiny amount of Argan Oil to more deeply condition hair. You may also mix in five or so drops of your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy. Once your Rhassoul mixture is prepared, wet hair thoroughly, squeezing to remove excess moisture. Divide hair into sections and apply Rhassoul mud to damp hair from root to tip, running fingers through hair if needed to coat strands more thoroughly. Once hair is fully coated, cover hair with a plastic shower cap. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove cap and rinse hair thoroughly. Style as usual.


Add warm water to small amount of Rhassoul Clay Powder and mix well to a mud-like consistency. Apply to area to be treated and let dry. If desired, cover with mylar or cellophane wrap. After thirty minutes, remove wrap (if applied) and wash skin.


100% Pure & Natural Rhassoul Moroccan Lava Clay


Under proper conditions, and kept dry, Rhassoul may be stored indefinitely.


For external use only. Not for ingestion.

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