Trail Guide To The Body Anatomy & Palpation 4 CD Audio Guide - 5th Edition
Trail Guide To The Body Anatomy & Palpation 4 CD Audio Guide - 5th Edition

Trail Guide To The Body Anatomy & Palpation 4 CD Audio Guide - 5th Edition

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3.5 Hour Series.
4 CD's With Audio .MP3 Files - Download To Your Phone, MP3 Player, Computer, Etc.
A Great Tool For Auditory Learners Or Learning On The Go.
Over 100 Major Muscles Narrated By Andrew Biel.
Each Track Includes:

  • Introduction To The Muscle
  • The Muscle's Actions, Origin, Insertion And Nerve Innervation
  • Step-by-step Instructions For Palpating The Muscle
  • "Check-it" Information To Ensure Your Location

To hear a sample, click Audio Sample (a new window will open).
To see a list of muscles in this guide, click here Muscle List (a new window will open).
Run Time 3.5 Hours.
5th Edition.

Format 4 CD's - MP3 Files
ISBN # 9780982663462

Mastering palpation requires practice - and having someone guide you through it makes practice more effective. Enhance your learning of musculoskeletal anatomy while maximizing your time. Join author Andrew Biel as he narrates Trail Guide to the Body. This three-hour series (on 4 CDs) explores 100 major muscles. A great tool for auditory learners or learning on-the-go - download this to your mp3 player for more flexibility.

Each track includes: Introduction to the muscle, The muscle's actions, origin, insertion and nerve innervation, Step-by-step instructions for palpating the muscle, "Check-it" information to ensure your location. Format 4 CD's, Length ~ 3.5 hours.


1. Disclaimer
2. Introduction
3. Directions & Positions
4. Movements of the Body
5. Muscles of the Shoulder & Arm
6. Deltoid
7. Trapezius
8. Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major
9. Rotator Cuff Muscles: Anatomy
10. Rotator Cuff Muscles: Palpation
11. Rotator Cuff Tendons
12. Rhomboids
13. Levator Scapula
14. Breast Tissue
15. Serratus Anterior
16. Palpating Around Breast Tissue
17. Pectoralis Major
18. Pectoralis Minor
19. Subclavius
20. Biceps Brachii
21. Triceps Brachii
22. Coracobrachialis


1. Muscles of the Forearm & Hand
2. Brachialis
3. Brachioradialis
4. Distinguishing Between the Flexor and Extensor Groups of the Forearm
5. Extensors for the Wrist and Hand: Anatomy
6. Extensors of the Wrist and Hand: Palpation
7. Anconeus
8. Flexors of the Wrist and Hand: Anatomy
9. Flexors of the Wrist and Hand: Palpation
10. Pronator Teres
11. Pronator Quadratus
12. Supinator
13. Muscles of the Spine & Thorax
14. Erector Spinae Group
15. Transversospinalis Group
16. Splenius Capitis and Cervicis
17. Suboccipitals
18. Quadratus Lumborum
19. Abdominals: Anatomy
20. Abdominals: Palpation
21. Diaphragm
22. Intercostals
23. [Untitled]


1. Neck & Face Muscles of the Head
2. Sternocleidomastoid
3. Scalenes: Anatomy
4. Scalenes: Palpation
5. Masseter
6. Temporalis
7. Suprahyoids and Digastric
8. Infrahyoids
9. Platysma
10. Occipitofrontalis
11. The Tongue
12. Muscles of the Pelvis & Thigh
13. Quadriceps Femoris Group: Anatomy
14. Quadricpes Femoris Group: Palpation
15. Hamstrings: Anatomy
16. Hamstrings: Palpations
17. Gluteals: Anatomy
18. Gluteals: Palpation
19. Adductor Group: Anatomy
20. Adductor Group: Palpation
21. Tensor Fasciae Latae and Illiotibial Tract
22. Sartorius
23. Lateral Rotators of the Hip
24. Iliopsoas


1. Muscles of the Leg & Foot
2. Gastrocnemius and Soleus
3. Plataris
4. Popliteus
5. Peroneus Longus and Brevis
6. Extensors fo the Ankle and Toes: Anatomy
7. Extensors of the Ankle and Toes: Palpation
8. Flexors of the Ankle and Toes

You could say that Books of Discovery was born out of frustration. As a bodywork student and later as an instructor, I was disheartened by the lack of information available at the time about palpatory anatomy. That began to change in October 1994. It was 3 a.m., and not being able to sleep, I pulled out a pad of paper and scribbled something about a book that "connected together the dots of the body." Before falling back to sleep I wrote, "The Body's Road Map."

Over the next three years the book began to take shape. A lucky break came when one of my students, Robin Dorn, turned in an exam that was illustrated with beautiful drawings. I designed the book to meet the needs of all bodywork modalities, whether it is physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic, yoga, or Pilates. Trail Guide grew quickly to become a required or highly recommended text in many bodywork schools throughout the world.

Over the past six years I have often remarked that we offer more than "how to find muscles, bones, and more." Our books and other products help practitioners locate structures so they can apply their skills accurately. It will always make us feel proud knowing that a mother in Portland, Maine or an athlete in Sarasota, Florida or even a bricklayer in Liverpool, England is receiving quality bodywork from a practitioner who has benefited from our products.

Yours In Good Health, Andrew Biel

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