Trail Guide Anatomy & Palpation Textbook & Student Workbook Set - 5th Edition
Trail Guide Anatomy & Palpation Textbook & Student Workbook Set - 5th Edition

Trail Guide Anatomy & Palpation Textbook & Student Workbook Set - 5th Edition

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Learn Anatomy & Palpation Skills - Trigger Point Mapping - How to locate muscles, bones, eXPLORE Online Resource, And More!

504 Pages.
1400 Illustrations.
Learn Palpation And The Musculoskeletal System.
162 Muscles, 206 Bones, 33 Ligaments, 110 Bony Landmarks.
56 Page Appendix Describes The Common Trigger Point Locations And Pain Patterns Of 100 Muscles.
Online Access To EXPLORE Digital Resources Including Over 90 Palpation Videos, Audio Files For 100 Major Muscles, 28 Overlay Images, More!
Highly Recommended For State Licensing Tests Administered By The NCBTMB, FSMTB.
Illustrations Used By Board Of Certification Program For Athletic Trainers.

5th Edition, Published September 1st, 2014, ISBN # 978-0-9829786-5-8.

Student Workbook

The Essential Companion To The Trail Guide Textbook - 5th Edition. Learn Anatomy & Palpation Skills.

230 Pages.
500+ Illustrations.
Apply The Material By Answering Questions In A Variety Of Formats.
Fill In The Blank, Drawings To Color, Illustrations, Matching Exercises.
Great For Self Testing, Homework, Preparing For National Exams.
Helps You Stay On Track, Keep Pace With Classwork.

5th Edition. Published September 1st, 2014. ISBN # 978-0-9829786-6-5.

Textbook - With 504 pages and 1,400 illustrations covering more than 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body. This new edition includes an extensive appendix that describes the common trigger point locations and pain patterns of 100 muscles.

INCLUDED when you purchase the 5th edition of the Trail Guide to the Body, you get access to the online student resource section for musculoskeletal anatomy & palpation, e-XPLORE. This includes a wide variety of digital resources to support the Trail Guide to the Body textbook, including 90+ palpation videos, audio files for 100 major muscles, 28 overlay images, and the trail head community page.

Trail Guide to the Body is a highly recommended textbook for the state licensing tests administered by both the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and is one of only five books on their official examination reference lists. In addition, the Board of Certification program for athletic trainers in the U.S. uses our high-quality Trail Guide to the Body illustrations in their various products, including exams.

Trail Guide to the Body Video Library (part of eXPLORE)

Palpation Of 79 Essential Muscles Featured In The Trail Guide To The Body Textbook.
Overlaid Images From The Trail Guide Textbook, Which Help The Viewer Visualize Underlying Anatomy.
Presentation Of Bony Landmarks, Attachment Sites, Muscle Borders And Muscle Activation.
Multiple Body Types And Camera Angles Presented.

Mastering palpation requires practice - and having someone guide you through it makes practice more effective. The revised footage, which was released in September 2010, gives students and practitioners the confidence they need to master this fundamental skill so that they can succeed and thrive in their careers. For Instructors, this is a valuable tool that allows your students to preview and review lessons. 79 muscles and more than 200 illustration overlays of images from the textbook are part of the footage. Your guide in this material is Andrew Biel, founder of Books of Discovery

Format: 90+ Videos, Located Online As Part Of The eXPLORE Learning Resource Library
Length: ~ 3 Hours
Access: You Are Given A User Name / Password In The Textbook

Student Workbook - The essential companion to the Trail Guide to the Body textbook, this workbook asks students to apply the material by answering questions in a variety of formats including fill-in-the-blanks, drawings to color, illustrations and matching exercises. Great for self-testing, homework and preparing for national exams. The Student Workbook helps students stay on track and keep pace with the class. 230 pages and more than 500 illustrations.

"We have made both the book and workbook mandatory for the students and eliminated another study guide we had been using. The Trail Guide workbook makes musculoskeletal anatomy much clearer for the students. It readily addresses the needs for both visual and cognitive learners." Jayne H. Culloo BSE, L.P.N., L.M.T., NCTMB - American Institute of Alternative Medicine.

Flashcards are a powerful way to learn and memorize anatomical structures - especially when they have images identical to those in the textbook. Repetition aids retention!

You could say that Books of Discovery was born out of frustration. As a bodywork student and later as an instructor, I was disheartened by the lack of information available at the time about palpatory anatomy. That began to change in October 1994. It was 3 a.m., and not being able to sleep, I pulled out a pad of paper and scribbled something about a book that "connected together the dots of the body." Before falling back to sleep I wrote, "The Body's Road Map."

Over the next three years the book began to take shape. A lucky break came when one of my students, Robin Dorn, turned in an exam that was illustrated with beautiful drawings. I designed the book to meet the needs of all bodywork modalities, whether it is physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic, yoga, or Pilates. Trail Guide grew quickly to become a required or highly recommended text in many bodywork schools throughout the world.

Over the past six years I have often remarked that we offer more than "how to find muscles, bones, and more." Our books and other products help practitioners locate structures so they can apply their skills accurately. It will always make us feel proud knowing that a mother in Portland, Maine or an athlete in Sarasota, Florida or even a bricklayer in Liverpool, England is receiving quality bodywork from a practitioner who has benefited from our products.

Yours In Good Health, Andrew Biel

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