Stretching That Works Flexibility Video on DVD - Ralph Stephens
Stretching That Works Flexibility Video on DVD - Ralph Stephens

Stretching That Works Flexibility Video on DVD - Ralph Stephens

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Manufacturer: Ralph Stephens
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Gain Flexibility.
Have More Energy And Sleep Better.
Learn To Safely Improve Physical Performance.
Great For Golfers, Tennis Players, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Etc.
Intro, Wrist-Hand-Forearm, Neck, Shoulders, Legs and Hips.
Based On Active Isolated Stretching – AIS, Mattes Method.
Parallels the Mattes Method Green Wall Charts.
Build strength, prevent athletic injuries. 

Run Time: 1 Hour. Format: DVD, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide.

Excellent DVD if you are looking for a great everyday stretching routine. This program shows you how, in 20 minutes a day, you can improve your overall fitness and health by relaxing your body and mind with stretching that really works. Learn how to: Safely improve your physical performance, Gain flexibility, Prevent athletic injuries, Great for golfers, tennis players, football, baseball, etc, Build strength, Have more energy, Sleep better. All at the same time.

This is an Active Isolated Stretching – Mattes Method, self-assisted routine that covers the entire body. It parallels “the green wall charts” published by internationally acclaimed stretching expert, Registered Kinesiologist, Aaron Mattes. Ralph was given this routine by Aaron and made this DVD at Aaron’s urging and with permission.

The DVD starts out explaining the techniques of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) in clear, quick, and easy to understand terms. Then guides you through the routines, one body area at a time. Chapter are: 1. Introduction, 2. Wrist – Hand - Forearm, 3. Cervical Region (Neck), 4. Shoulders, 5. Legs and Hips If you are looking for an awesome, effective, and efficient stretching program, this is the DVD you need. AIS is used by many word class athletes for both performance enhancement and rehabilitation. Now you can learn the same system quickly and easily to improve the quality of your life.

Start improving your flexibility today.

Mr. Stephens is an internationally recognized instructor of medical massage that shares his 20 plus years of experience in a way that makes learning easy and fun, and is one of the few hands-on instructors that come across effectively on video. He has produced 15 videos, one textbook, and has contributed to many magazines, textbooks, and journals, and is a popular presenter at state, regional and national meetings; presenting over 30 weekends each year.

Ralph was the first to adapt specific massage and stretching techniques to the chair and presents tem in his videos, Seated Therapeutic Massage and his textbook, Therapeutic Chair Massage. He has served his profession as a state and national officer of the AMTA and as chair of the Iowa Board of Massage Therapy Examiners. Don’t miss an opportunity to study with this inspiring instructor, in person or by DVD.

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