Santa Barbara Massage Cream - Ylang Ylang & Orange 8oz Jar
Santa Barbara Massage Cream - Ylang Ylang & Orange 8oz Jar

Santa Barbara Massage Cream - Ylang Ylang & Orange 8oz Jar

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Manufacturer: Santa Barbara Massage Cream
Part #: RB--SantaBarbaraCream--YlangYlangOrange8oz
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All Natural Lubricant.
Looks And Feels Like A Balm / Salve.
Designed For Deep Tissue Styles Of Massage Work.
The Benefits Of Olive Oil Mixed With The Healing Properties Of Essential Oils.
Only A Small Amount Is Needed - Each 8oz Jar Should Last For 16-20 Full Body Massages.
Offers A Nice Resistance That Allows Deep Penetration Into The Muscles.
Smooth And Luxurious Feel Makes It Perfect For Lighter Swedish Styles.
Clients Don’t Leave The Session Feeling Oily.
Works Well On Hairy Legs.

Size: 8oz
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil

Santa Barbara Massage Cream was created to fill the need for an all natural lubricant. It has all the benefits of olive oil mixed with the healing properties of essential oils. It was specifically made for deep tissue styles of massage. The cream offers a nice resistance that allows the therapist to penetrate deeply into the tissues, and its smooth and luxurious feel makes it perfect for lighter Swedish styles. Clients don’t leave the session feeling oily, because only a SMALL AMOUNT of cream is needed. It truly is a revolution in massage lubrication.

Real Bodywork initially created this cream to use in their Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy classes. They wanted a truly natural cream with a good resistance for deep work, and smooth glide for relaxation work. Long hours of the day were spent with cream covering their forearms, so they didn’t want any chemicals seeping into the bloodstream. The belief that the simpler the better (and safer) was employed for us as therapists.

Because it is thick, this cream will never spill on a client's expensive rug, and have you ever applied tons of liquid oil on a pair of hairy legs in the attempt to get some glide? Just a little SB Massage Cream creates a great glide on hairy legs. Sean Riehl, the owner of Real Bodywork, and creator of Santa Barbara Cream and his wife also discovered that our cream is great for removing tar from our feet after long beach walks.

The biggest mistake people make in using this cream is that they use too much. Each 8oz jar should last for 16-20 full body massages. Each 32oz jar should last for 64-80 full body sessions. Talk about economy.

The ingredients used in Santa Barbara Cream are: Olive Oil, which was used by the ancient Greeks because of its healing properties and effects on the skin; Bees Wax, which turns the cream into a solid when it is in the jar. Bees wax makes it so you only have to use a little, and clients do not end the session feeling oily; Coconut Oil, the cold pressed coconut oil gives the cream an excellent glide while maintaining a good resistance for deeper work.

The cream comes in 4 other varieties as well: Eucalyptus (Stimulating) for invigoration & freshening, it helps to throw off fatigue and tension; Lavender (Balancing) that soothes and calms, slows wrinkles and helps prevent scarring, relieves muscle pain and headaches; Clary Sage / Lavender (Rejuvenating) it eases muscle & nervous tension, is good for mental fatigue, and promotes smiles; Unscented for moisturizing, healing, and deep muscle work.

About Essential Oils

Essential Oils are volatile oils, meaning they are distilled or "extracted" from the tissue of wild or cultivated plants by a process of evaporation and immediate collection of the condensed, purified liquid. The word "essential" means absolutely necessary. The word "essence" comes from the Latin word, esse, meaning "to be" or "existence." Some synonyms for essence are: spirit, lifeblood, heart, soul, inwardness, substance, and core. It could be said then, that the essential oil of clary sage is the spirit of the clary plant. Although the word aromatherapy implies that the aroma is what does the healing, it is actually the essence of the oil that contains the healing properties. The term comes from the word aromathérapie and was coined by French cosmetic chemist, René Maurice Gattefossé. He injured himself in an explosion during an experiment in the early 1900's and quickly sank his badly burned hand into a nearby vat of lavender oil and found that his hand healed remarkably well.

Sweet Orange oil is extracted from the fresh peel of the fruit of the orange tree by a method of cold pressing. At one time the orange tree was rare and found only in China and India, but has since been imported to a wide variety of warm, sunny climates. The aroma is as sweet, soothing and refreshing as the fruit itself. It has been used to stimulate the digestive system, as a mild laxative and as an antiseptic. Sweet orange has been known for mollifying hopelessness, addiction tendencies and to promote a feeling of happiness. It is wonderful for a rejuvenating massage or bath.

Ylang Ylang is a native plant grown in the tropical climates of Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil. The flowers are steam-distilled to create the oil. The aroma is seductive and s well as sedating, especially when blended with sweet orange. It has anti-depressant qualities, has been used since for ages as an aphrodisiac and has often been known to help when dealing with emotional states such as anger, anxiety, guilt, and resentment. Its medicinal uses range from treating malaria to relieving insect bites to healing infections, as it has powerful antiseptic properties. Some metaphysical terms associated with ylang ylang are: euphoric union, opportunity and peace.

Olive Oil - The olive tree, imported from Greece over 2500 years ago, has held the esteemed position through the ages as a symbol of peace, goodness and purity. The ancient Greeks stockpiled olive oil for economic security because of its long shelf life. Superstitious folk in medieval times used it to drive out evil spirits. Thick, luxurious and delicious, olive oil is not only good nutritionally, it is also a wonderful beauty secret for dry skin. A few drops massaged onto the face at night is great for deep moisturizing, as it absorbs into the skin beautifully.

Coconut Oil comes from the meat of the coconut and is rich with lauric acid, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Older generations used to grate fresh coconut, extract the coconut milk, and let the milk stand in a covered bucket until, about 24-36 hours later, the water separated from the oil. High-grade virgin coconut oil has a very long shelf life because of its natural anti-oxidant properties. It's wonderful as a digestive aid, has been known to be a powerful agent in destroying intestinal parasites. Recently, studies have shown this oil to be one of the healthiest substances to use on the skin - that it actually increases the metabolism, which helps to lose weight.

Bees Wax is the simple and pure bi-product of a honeybee and one of the key ingredients in the most highly regarded natural skin products. It makes a wonderful skin softening balm with a lovely texture and feel. Most people think the most important substance created from the honeybee is honey, but actually honeybees primary job is pollination and without these vital workers, our crops would not flourish. Bees are considered to be highly intelligent insects, as exemplified by the little dance they perform to communicate to each other where to find the best flowers! In Medieval times, beeswax was quite valuable not only as a quality candle wax, but as a bartering commodity.

Sean Riehl, who founded Real Bodywork over 20 years ago, has taught massage nationally, presented at the AMTA California conference, written multiple articles appearing in Massage Magazine and the Biotone Newsletter, as well as being the author of a number of videos on massage.

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