Reflexology Massage - Feet & Hands Video on DVD - Real Bodywork
Reflexology Massage - Feet & Hands Video on DVD - Real Bodywork

Reflexology Massage - Feet & Hands Video on DVD - Real Bodywork

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Manufacturer: Real Bodywork
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History Of Reflexology.
Working The 10 Foot Zones.
Working The Organ Reflexes.
Working The Gland Reflexes.
General Foot Massage.
Working The 10 Hand Zones.
Working The Organ Reflexes On The Hands.
Working The Gland Reflexes On The Hands.
Taught by Geri Riehl.
Telly Award Winner.

Format DVD - Region: 0, Worldwide. Run Time: 40 Minutes.

Streaming Version Available Here: Reflexology For The Feet And Hands Streaming Video (a new window will open).

Learn to give a wonderful foot and hand massage incorporating reflexology! This informative video covers 8 lessons that teach you how to give a great foot and hand Reflexology session. This DVD also includes a postcard sized chart inside the case.


Taught by Geri Riehl, co-founder of Real Bodywork. Geri is a licensed massage therapist, and taught Swedish Massage and Reflexology for many years at the Body Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Her gentleness and spiritual warmth are reflected in her work.

Review: ‘As I have come to expect with Sean Riehl's videos, the production quality is superb. The pictures are sharp, the script is tight, the lighting is on the money, and music is serene. I must make a special note of the high quality graphics, which make an important contribution to the usability of this video. The camera is positioned so that the viewer can clearly observe the techniques presented, unlike some other reflexology videos I have seen where the practitioner's hands are blocked. This video covers a lot of material in a short time and while it discusses the basic fundamentals of Reflexology it cannot possibly deal with the entire topic. If you have never had any exposure to Reflexology then this video will help you incorporate Reflexology in your massage work. While you will not be able to call yourself a Reflexologist after viewing this video, you will certainly get a good introduction to Reflexology and will be able to incorporate many basic Reflexology techniques into your massage session. I found that this video is an excellent value for the money. 9 out of 10.’ - Massage Today


History - This lesson covers the history of reflexology, tracing the use of foot reflexology from ancient times in China and Egypt, to England in the 1890s. Eventually this leads to Eunice Ingham combining zone therapy and compression massage on the feet to develop what we know as modern foot reflexology. This lesson also discusses basic foot reflexology principles.

General Sequence - This lesson focuses on performing foot reflexology on the 10 zones of the feet. It shows how to do a basic foot warm up, and then how to work the zones. The 10 zones are the foundation of foot reflexology, each zone reflecting a different part of the body. Working the zones is a great way to give a general tune up to the client.

Working The Organ Reflexes - This lesson shows the exact location of each of the organ reflexes on the feet. Then Geri leads your through a routine using correct thumb pressure on each of the organ reflexes. This lesson also shows some energy style work that connects the foot reflexes while you touch the belly on the same organ.

Working With The Glands - This lesson shows the exact location of each of the gland reflexes on the feet. Then Geri demonstrates how to work each of the reflexes. She then discusses how to engage the client using visualization of each gland.

General Foot Massage - This lesson shows how to perform general foot massage using massage cream. A variety of techniques are shown. These techniques can be applied after or before the reflex techniques.

Working The Hand Zones - This lesson shows the location of the ten zones of the hand. Then Geri shows how to work each zone from the base of the palm out to the fingers. This is a great way to start a reflexology session. Then Geri discusses discrepancies between different reflexology charts and variations between people.

Working The Hand Organ Reflexes - This lesson shows the location of the organ reflexes on the hand. Then Geri shows how to work each of the reflexes in the standard style.

Working The Gland Reflexes In The Hand - This lesson shows all the gland reflexes located in the hand. Then the reflexology technique to stimulate these reflexes are demonstrated. Finally Geri discusses basic concepts of reflexology.


If you would like to watch this video online, we have partnered with Real Bodywork to offer a streaming version of the Reflexology For The Feet And Hands DVD. Please click here:

Reflexology For The Feet And Hands Streaming Video

A new window will open, and you will be taken to the Real Bodywork site via a secure link.

Sean Riehl, who founded Real Bodywork over 20 years ago, has taught massage nationally, presented at the AMTA California conference, written multiple articles appearing in Massage Magazine and the Biotone Newsletter, as well as being the author of a number of videos on massage.

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