Wow! Are we excited to finally meet you!! We began the journey of building MassageStore.Com back in 2013, and due to number of setbacks, it has taken over 6 years to finally turn the lights on, fling our virtual doors open, stock up our shelves, and welcome all who want quality products at a very good price.

This is so much more than a website selling massage equipment, supplies, and accessories. This really is an extension of a dream that was started in the late 90's by Lisa Helbig, the founder of the Institute for Therapeutic Massage, aka ITM, as a place where people could come and learn why she was so passionate about massage therapy, shiatsu, spa techniques, and their medical applications, most notably with oncology patients. The ever growing student body needed supplies and accessories, so a small room was devoted to fulfilling their needs, and that is where I became a part of this story, in 2003.

Take a look, that's me on the phone...

One of the the responsibilities of my job, since joining the team almost 16 years ago as Director of Operations, has been to source quality products that our student body needed while they were studying with us. We knew that what a student uses during their training is very often used when they go into their own practice, and we wanted to make sure they were experienced using high quality products with an emphasis on being fairly priced. With that, I started developing strong relationships with companies like Biotone, Pure Pro, Sacred Earth Botanicals, Soothing Touch, Oakworks, Earthlite, Stronglite, and Custom Craftworks.

Internet shopping was in its infancy at that time, but eventually the marketplaces took over, and by using eBay, Amazon, and now Walmart, we have achieved a global reach that most never would have dreamed possible just 10 years ago. We used those proceeds to help develop medically oriented programs and continuing education classes, as well as donate time, products, and resources to local charities who were focused on easing the burden of those unfortunate souls, and their families, who were wrestling with the effects of cancer. We also offered free massage to the staff in the hospitals where we held classes and ran clinic as part of our Oncology Massage Certification Program, the only one certified by COMTA at that time.

You see, Lisa's mother passed away in her 50's of cancer, and her sister had a scary run in with it in her 40's. While cancer did not claim Lisa's life in 2018, it was a host of other medical conditions that did, at the very young age of 51. On her behalf, I thank you for being here, participating in turning her dreams into reality, helping her legacy live on even though she is gone. As Lisa and I used to say to each other... Massage Store, Find Every Thing You Need. And It Ships Free.