Cool Snow Globes Zen Mini 4 Globe Set
Cool Snow Globes Zen Mini 4 Globe Set

Cool Snow Globes Zen Mini 4 Globe Set

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Manufacturer: Cool Snow Globes
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Designed In Vermont.
Sculpted In California.
Elegant Piano-black Resin Base. Fits In Formal And Casual Settings.
A Zen-inspired Set Of Four Miniature Versions Of The Individual Full-size Snow Globes.
Set Includes: Mini Gold Buddha, Mini Crystal Buddha, Mini Rock Garden, And Mini Snowball (Only Snow).
Comes In An Attractive Gender-neutral Gift Box With Form-fitted Protective Styro Inserts.
Individually Made And Hand Painted By Small Family Owned Factories In China.


Total Dimensions: Each 2.25" High X 1.75" Wide.
Glass Globe: 1.75" Diameter

Care Of Globes

First And Most Important, Keep It Out Of Direct Sunlight.
Sunlight Shining Through The Water Acts As A Magnifier Lens And Can Cause A Fire.
Sunlight Can Also Cause The Water In The Globe To Turn Color
Dust It With A Soft Cloth. Glass Cleaner Is Fine On The Globe.
These Globes Are Made Of Glass And Are Not Toys For Children.

Materials And Contents

The Liquid In The Globes Is Purified Water.
Then, Anti-freeze Is Added To Protect Against Cold.
A Small Amount Of Anti-bacterial Is Used To Keep The Liquid Clear.
The Mixed Liquid Is Largely Non-toxic And Externally Safe For Humans.
Contents Should Not Be Ingested.

One of Cool Snow Globes best selling pieces, the Crystal and Gold Buddhas, Cairn, and Snowball snow globes have each provided a source of tranquility to those who have watched their quiet movement. Now, together in miniature, they join to create a remarkably meditative and soothing force.

The Buddha. What can one say about the Buddha? His spirit has journeyed through the world for over two millennia. Poets have celebrated him. Writers retell the story of his soul's journey. In his honor we have illuminated him with silver and golden light and wish that compassion and kindness find all who gaze upon him.

Cairns span the full spectrum of design, from the simplistically rustic to the carefully cultivated. Regardless of their design, their countenance is always impressive: the pile of stones craning toward the sky. Their dramatic appearance is perfectly representative of their purpose. Historically, cairns were used in an emotional pre-war ceremony in Scotland. An eyebrow-raising protagonist for a snow globe? Maybe. Compelling and provocative? Absolutely.

This faintly planetary snow globe is the consummate snow globe. It contains snow and only snow. When shaken it begins with a swirling storm of full winter, then as the storm passes the globe clears into a slow twirl of falling flakes. Peaceful and hypnagogic, its pensive, drifting movement is the perfect quiescence after a long day at the office.

Cool Snow Globes was founded in Vermont, partially inspired by their exquisite winters, and even more so by the glorious autumn colors. The challenge that the owners gave themselves was to make a water globe that would capture those rapturous days.

Be it an art object, a toy for grown-ups, or a soothing source of stillness, Cool Snow Globes offers a fresh spin on an old favorite. Dedicated to creating arresting and beautiful globes. Chillingly Beautiful.

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